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How to Recover Password Channel on DALnet

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1. Identify nick Founder:

/msg NickServ@services.dal.net identify passwordnickFO

or you can release the nick founder if you know the password

/msg NickServ@services.dal.net RELEASE nickFO passwordnickFO


/msg NickServ@services.dal.net RELEASE wiwin261 cakep
NickServ- The nickname wiwin261 has been released.

2. Request password ke DALnet

/msg ChanServ@services.dal.net SENDPASS #channelname emailchan@domain.com


/msg ChanServ@services.dal.net SENDPASS #bagelen wiwin261@yahoo.com
-> *ChanServ@services.dal.net* SENDPASS #bagelen wiwin261@yahoo.com

So you will get notice like this:

-ChanServ- An email containing the password for #bagelen has been sent. 
Please allow at least 10 minutes for delivery.

3. Checking email.

Hello #bagelen founder,

You have recently requested that your channel password be sent
to you. Please take the time to write it down now for future
reference. Store it wisely, remember that password security is
your responsibility.

Your password is: cakepbanget

You may report any abuse of this SENDPASS feature by contacting
a CSOP online.

You may also stop future e-mails from being sent by using the
MAILBLOCK feature online by first identifying to your channel,
then typing:
/msg ChanServ@services.dal.net SET #bagelen MAILBLOCK ON

CAUTION: If you enable the MAILBLOCK feature, you will no
longer be able to request your password be sent via email and
you will be responsible for keeping track of it on your own.


The details of this request follow.

Issued At: 2009-03-12 06:06:32 GMT
Issued By:

Thanks again for making DALnet your choice. 🙂

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