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July 28th, 2005 No comments

This day I have done test in brainbench like Anggi has done, but I only try Math test and Computer Fundamentals (Win 95/98). This is my transcript ID#:5640700 or you can visit my page result

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Linux Shop

July 1st, 2005 1 comment
  1. Khansa Group
  2. Its located at jl Wonosari, after “kids fun” km 10 (or after Jogja TV). You can visited this site:

  3. Slackware
  4. Around Demangan also any shop. It names Slackware. Its linux rental specialist.

  5. LLC (Linux Learning Center)
  6. LLC is Linux Learning Center. It is located at kaliurang street, (perempatan kentungan). In there any cds from Khansa etc.

  7. Kaffah Agensi
  8. You also can visited Kaffah agensi at jl. Dr Sarjito.

  9. DistroLinux
  10. In there we can get more information about linux distro newest. URL :

  11. SentraLinux
  12. This site also have much linux distro, from oldest until newest. One cd = 10.000.

  13. GudangLinux
  14. Or u can visit this site. Gudang linux we can get more , like Software Official (Application, Linux, Microsoft, CD OpenSource), Publications, GLX-Gears, and Software aplications.

If you have much links about shop which sell linux dixtro, Please send that informations to me. Thanks.

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